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 Shadowhawk X800

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World's Best Flashlight?

If you are searching for a flashlight that is high powerful, portable, great craftsmanship, and functions perfectly than you are in luck because the shadowhawk x800 is the perfect light for you. With more and more ways to protect yourself in the world today one does not want to be caught without the shadowhawk x800, it is a military grade tactical light that for survival and emergency situations that one could need the device for.

The device is pocket sized (so very easily to carry in a pocket or a purse). The shadowhawk x800 is perfect for those late night walks where you have not a lot of lit areas and need some light to see. There are some pros and cons with the flashlight but that is to be expected the biggest con is the price but you have a rechargeable battery, self defense, and a bright light to light the darkest of alley ways.

One flashlight is $57 but looking at all that it has and does it is worth what you pay, the light is lightweight and made of aluminum, you can use the light serious dark moments without light for a bright and powerful source of light that can blind someone in need or you can use the light as a small mêlée weapon to defend yourself in very tough situations.

The device as a zoom function for the light to cast the light closer or further away as well as making the light bigger or smaller helping you see perfectly in areas you need more light. All in all the Shadowhawk x800 is the perfevt loght and mêlée combo on the market, I believe you get more bang for your buck and can use this device for all of your flashlight and protection needs if they shall arise.


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